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The Unbelievable Power of Sixth sense – 3 steps to activate it – unlock the secret sause

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The sixth sense is a powerful tool that God has given us. But we don’t know how we can use it. As we have discussed in the previous article named ‘Human being: An amazing creation of god’, 5 sense comes… Continue Reading →

Subconscious mind – The unbelievable power of human – Learn to use it – part 1

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We will learn the basics of our conscious and subconscious mind in a scientific way today. We will understand the theory of life in terms of conscious and subconscious mind. Before moving forward I would like to mention my previous… Continue Reading →

Spirituality- Different aspect you never know

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Spirituality is made from the word Spirit. Spirit means soul – pure, peaceful and a powerful entity. Knowing our self is spirituality. Finding all the questions related to our existence is spirituality. If we ask someone who are you, the… Continue Reading →

Have you ever think of suicide? then you must read it – One step towards God- the supreme power

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The life is full of sorrow, shredder, full of stress, tension, etc. Each and every person is having some kind of worry, no one is happy in this world. All these negative stuff that are occurring in the life are… Continue Reading →

An Inspirational Story – The Beauty of Married Life

Marriage is a bond between two souls with one heart. I hope after reading this story your heart will be filled with more and more Love for your beloved. It explains the beauty of Married life. A man married a… Continue Reading →

An inspiring story with suspense – The truth behind childish behavior of a 24 years old Boy

We as always try to deliver the blogs, stories, quotes, facts that can motivate or inspire people. This is an another try to serve a nice thought in front of you. I hope you enjoy reading it. An inspiring… Continue Reading →

There are so many ways of death but, for taking birth, there is only one way MOTHER.

A short motivational story-Never give up the struggle in life

This is an amazing motivational story that can tell you why you should not give up in any situation or if you are struggling in life. Never give up the struggle in your life. A man was passing the elephants,… Continue Reading →

Nick Vujicic – A story of an inspirational speaker living happily without hands and legs, share as much as possible

Dear friends please do read this article till the end because after reading this article your point of view toward your life will be changed completely. Friends when we face a difficult situation in life or when we are going… Continue Reading →

Animal lovers: 10 animals you won’t believe exist on earth

There are son many animal species are their in the world. Many of them we know but there are some species that we can’t even imagine of their existence. We have garbed 10 out of them. Please have a look…. Continue Reading →

Do this 5 minutes activity before you go to sleep – it will change your life drastically

In a dream in a vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon man and was wondering in the bed then it opens the ears of man and seals of their instructions. Your subconscious mind is more comfortable when… Continue Reading →

A beautiful short story – Operation of eyes is possible but not of viewpoint

This is a story of a kid and his father. A little kid was standing with one apple in left and one apple in right hand. His father smiled and said – “Son, give me one apple”. When his son… Continue Reading →

I am not perfect. I am not the most beautiful woman of the world. But I know, I am one of them.

Want to be happy? – Only 3 steps that will turn up face from :( to :) within 5 minutes – secret of being happy

What we have done so far to be happy? When I was 3 years old my parents drop me to the school. Passing exams every year was not easy. You all must be agree on the burden that we face… Continue Reading →

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